In the bustling city of Faridabad, a young mind embarked on a journey that would lead her to the realms of both technology and spirituality. Divya Chaube, a graduate in Computer Science Engineering, set her foot in the world of software development, honing her skills and dedicating herself to her work. But life had more in store for her than lines of code and debugging sessions.

After a few years of diligent work, Divya made an unconventional decision. She decided to take a break, not just any break, but a transformative one that lasted seven years. During this hiatus, Divya traversed the globe, residing in diverse countries and continents such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nairobi, before finally settling in England. These experiences enriched her perspective and opened doors to a world beyond technology.

Upon returning to the UK, Divya resumed her professional journey as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET). Yet, parallel to her technological pursuits, a series of inexplicable events began to unfold in her life. Divya discovered an uncanny connection with energy and electronic devices, a gift of foresight that allowed her to peer into the future with open eyes, and even encounters with divine beings in her dreams. This tapestry of mystic encounters grew so profound that Divya contemplated seeking mental health assistance, fearing her experiences were mere psychological anomalies. However, she soon realized that her gifts were not a fabrication of her mind, but rather, a divine endowment often referred to as a “god’s gift.”

With an uncertain yet intrigued heart, Divya embarked on a journey of self-exploration. As she delved into her latent abilities, she found herself surprisingly adept at reading tarot cards—a practice known for its mystical insights. Although she never envisioned pursuing it professionally, a pivotal encounter changed her course. Divya performed a tarot reading for an individual who had lost her mother to COVID-19 and was unable to bid her a final farewell due to lockdown restrictions. The profound impact of the reading became evident when the grieving woman reached out to Divya, expressing gratitude for granting her solace during those challenging times. The realization that her talents could touch lives in such meaningful ways prompted Divya to consider embracing tarot reading as more than just a personal exploration.

Determined to share her gifts and bring comfort to others, Divya transitioned into the realm of professional tarot reading. Balancing her full-time job with this newfound passion, Divya began using her psychic abilities to provide guidance, solace, and insights to those seeking answers. Her commitment to serving others has led her to conduct free webinars, where she generously offers her skills to those in need. Through these sessions, Divya offers not only tarot readings but also helps individuals understand their life journeys, aids in healing, and imparts wisdom about spirituality and its practices.

As she continues her dual journey in the technological and spiritual domains, Divya envisions a future where she can fully devote herself to the realm of tarot card reading. Her aspiration is to employ her psychic talents to their fullest potential, offering assistance and enlightenment to a wider audience. Divya’s story stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of seemingly disparate worlds—where a tech-savvy engineer can seamlessly transition into a compassionate and insightful tarot card reader.

To learn more about Divya Chaube’s journey and explore the transformative insights she offers, you can connect with her through her website or join her WhatsApp community at With each card she turns, Divya continues to illuminate paths, offering a bridge between the tangible and the mystical for those who seek guidance.